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  • Maintenance is On Us

    Proactive maintenance, upgrades, and on-demand support.  Our team of mechanics will keep your e-vehicle in top shape. All the time.

  • Mechanical Emergency

    Should anything happen while riding, reach out to us and we will help you out.

  • If Stolen, the Alarm Goes Off

    We outfitted our scooter with a lock and GPS tracker, so if they get stolen, we will help you find it.

How Does it Work?

Your first month will cost you $99.99. Then it's only $39.99/month with no annual contract. 

The initial fee covers:

- Your first month's subscription.

- Your premium electric scooter to keep while subscribed.

- Enrollment in our unlimited maintenance plan.

- Activation of your anti-theft GPS tracker.


Worry-Free Riding

Our expert mechanics will keep your ride in top shape, all the time.


Lock It Up

Going for a coffee? Stopping for a meeting? Grabbing something from the store? With the included GPS lock you can secure your scooter to a fixed object.  If someone takes it we can quickly find your ride with our GPS Tracking system.



How does the subscription model work?

Our service is inclusive of unlimited usage of our electric scooter, unlimited maintenance calls at no additional cost, and the tracking capabilities provided by our GPS lock.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes, you can pause the subscription – just bring the scooter at our drop off location but we will keep you in our system. If you decide to restart then you’ll have to pay the initial sign-up fee again (so $99.99 for the first month re-subscribed).

How does the referral program work?

Every customer who signs up receives a unique discount code that's attached to their name. If another customer signs up using that code, then the referrer will receive a new month, and the person who was referred will receive 40% off of their first month.

What's the top speed?

Our scooter will go up to 15 miles per hour.

How long does it take to charge?

From 0% to 100% will take about 6 hours, while just a quick charge for a single ride will only take 1-2 hours.

What happens if the scooter gets stolen?

In the event that your scooter gets stolen let us know immediately.  We will send you detailed instructions on what to do next.  Acting quickly is incredibly important to increase the chances of finding the scooter.  We will help you in the process, but ultimately you are responsible for the scooter. We recommend that you only leave the scooter outside, locked to a fixed object and for short periods of time.  Under no circumstances leave the scooter outside overnight. 

"Random little trips are quicker, you never know when you'll have to buy a new toy for a two year old"

- Greg (subscribed since Feb. 2019)

Make Trips Quick

"Groceries to the gym to the office, it's faster than any other mode of transportation. Especially during rush hour."

- Jordan (subscribed since April 2019)

Get There Faster

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