How To Ride

Turning Your Scooter On/Off

  • To start your scooter, press the button on top of the battery

Home Button

  • The home button is used to switch between speed modes and to turn on the front lights

Speed Modes

The scooter comes with 3 modes. To switch between the modes, hold down the home button on display for 2 seconds.

  • Level ONE: Snail icon on display. It is the slowest but the best for energy saving.
    Level TWO: No icon on the display. NOT that level TWO is the default level so when you start the scooter it will be in level TWO
    Level THREE: Lightning bolt on the display. It is fast but consumes the battery.

Front Lights

  • To turn on front lights, double tap the home button on display


  • To accelerate, press the right thumb lever down. it is located on the right handlebar with the green “GO” label.

Electronic Brake

  • To brake, press the lever down. it’s regenerative and helps you save battery life.
  • The lights at the end of the handlebar will turn red.

Step-On Brake

  • The back fender is a step on brake. Use your foot to apply force downward and brake.

Starting To Ride

  • In order for the scooter’s electric motor to work, the scooter needs to be moving
  • To go,. you will need to kick off so the scooter is in motion before you can accelerate with the right throttle.

Charging The Scooter

  • To charge your scooter, simply plug the provded charger in to a wall outlet.
  • Then connect the charger to the scooter via the charging port at the top of the battery.
  • It takes about 4 hours to charge.

Folding The Scooter

  • To fold the scooter, use the back of your heel and kick the step on lever at the base of the scooter handlebard.
  • Bring it down so that the hook on the handlebar connects with the latch on the back fender.

Transporting The Scooter

  • Once the scooter is locked, using the handlebar, you can wheel it around.

Carrying The Scooter

  • You can pick up the scooter using the incorporated handle.

Unfolding The Scooter

  • To unfold the scooter, simply press down on the back fender and it will release the scooter.
  • You will need to bring the scooter to a full 90 degree angle and hear a loud click so that it’s locked in and secure.

Locking Pin

  • After the scooter is properly opened upright, insert the locking pin to secure it.

Accessing The Scooter Safety Guide

  • Should you have any questions about the scooter, you can access the User Guide feature in the APP.

Unlocking The Scooter

  • The unlock and use the scooter, you need to use the Brooklyness app.
  • Once you your scooter is connected to the APP you will see the “unlock” button press it and you will hear the lock open within a few seconds.

"Find My Scooter" Feature In The APP

  • At the top of the APP home page, you will find a button “Find My Scooter” but remember that you will be responsible for the price of the vehicle if it is not recovered.
  • If the scooter get stolen, you can track where it is by pressing “Find My Scooter” in the APP.

Schedule A Maintenance Appointment

  • If you need to schedule maintenance use the boking feature in the support feature in the APP.
  • It will take you to the maintenance calendar where you can book your spot.

Safety Tips

  • You can access some useful safety tips in the APP.

Stolen Scooter

  • On leave the scooter outside locked and for short periods of time.
  • In the event that your scooter is stolen, please use the app to track the scooter.
  • Once you get to the location of the scooter, please call 911 and have the police engage with the thief. DO NOT ENGAGE THE THIEVES.
  • Please also send us an email through the app and we will assist you.
  • You will need to file a police report. For more information, read the full user guide in the link through the APP.
  • Remember that you will be responsible for the price of the vehicle if it is not recovered.