Where is your office?
We are at 368 Broadway in Tribeca New York City, two blocks from Canal Street. You are welcome to stop by, just let us know in advance if you're coming.



What Colors are available?
The bike comes in 4 colors: Cyan; magenta; yellow and black.  We named the bike CMYK after the color model used in the printing process.  Currently under the subscription black is the only color available.

What happens if the bike gets stolen?
If the bike is stolen we will give you a new one, we ask that you always lock it and that in the event of theft to get a police report.

Can I buy the bike?
Yes, you can buy a brand new CMYK 5.0 for $1999. 

Can my payments be used for buying the bike?
Yes, the payments you make will count toward the final purchase price if you decide to buy it.

Will I get a brand new bike?
Consider this is a “long-term bike sharing” so you will get a new bike or a bike that has been used but is in top condition.  You can swap bikes at any time in case you are not happy with the one you received. 

What happens if the bike breaks down while riding?
Call our customer assistance number 800 560 7649 We will assess the situation and will respond accordingly.

How do I get the bike serviced?
Call our customer assistance number 800 560 7649 and you can book a service and one of our mechanics will come to you.

How do I get/return the bike?
Order placed before 6 pm will be delivered next day.  If you like you can also stop by our office and pick one up.  (368 Broadway NYC)

Where is the subscription service available?
Currently, we only offer the subscription service in NYC.

Is the $99 fee refundable?
No, this is a one-time sign-up fee.  With this, you have access to rent the CMYK bike at any time.

How does the maintenance/service work?
Any issues call our customer assistance number to lets us know the issue and we will take care of it. 

Is there a long-term contract?
No, there is not a long-term contract.  You can stop the subscription at any time, just let us know and we will pick it up. 

What are the weekly discount offers from our affiliate partners?
We are starting a program where we partner with other brands that have cool products that will bring value to your riding experience.  – Coming soon.

Discounts on insurance.
Discount on supplemental insurance from leading insurance providers at a considerable discount. – Coming soon.

What is the user network?
As we build our network of riders we want to share our knowledge and experience to make riding in the city safer and more enjoyable. – This is a work in progress and needs your help to grow this community.  We want to give you an awesome experience so you are compelled to invite your friends to ride along.




What is "Class 1" pedal assist?
“Class 1 electric bicycle” or “low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle” is a  bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.  
What is the difference between “Cadence” and “Torque” sensors?
Since class 1 electric bikes do not have a throttle, sensors are used to trigger the electric assist.  The cadence sensor detects when you are pedaling and triggers the electric assist, this is a simple on-off function.
The torque sensor detects how much force you are asserting on the pedals and triggers the electric assist with a variable amount of energy, resulting in a very smooth ride.
How far can I go with one charge on the CMYK 5.0 Bike?
Depending on the road, the weight of the rider and at what level of assistance are you riding you can go at least 20 miles (32Km) up to 50 Miles (80Km) on one charge.
How long does it take to charge the bike battery on the CMYK 5.0 Bike?
From completely empty to full, it takes about 6 hours to charge. In most cases, a 1Hr charge will be enough for a 20 Minutes ride.
Where can I buy a new battery for the CMYK 5.0 Bike?
You can order directly from us.  Please email us at readytohelp@brooklyness.com

What kind of battery do you use on the CMYK 5.0 Bike?
We use Samsung Lithium cells.

Does the CMYK 5.0 Bike come in other colors?
For the moment, we only offer the 4 colors. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

What are the full specs for the CMYK 5.0?
Total Weight: 34lbs
Geometry Measurements: 1040mm wheelbase, 26"-36"
Seat post (10"range), 6" range stem, 22'' step over 
Size when folded: 24” x 24” X 14”
Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
Stem: Telescoping and folding. Length 6'' range. 
Handlebar: Flat, 20''
Weight capacity: 220Lbs
Brake Details:  Teckro Aries mechanical disc brakes
Grips:  flat, rubber
Saddle: Ergonomic commuter with shoulder pad
Seat Post:  Aluminum Alloy
Rims: Double wall aluminum alloy
Tire Brand: CTS city
Wheel Sizes:16''

Electronic Details
Class 1 Pedelec Assist
Motor Type: Front-Mounted gear hub motor. 
Motor Nominal Output: 250 Watts
Battery Brand: Samsung
Battery Voltage: 36 volts
Battery Amp Hours: 8.7 ah 
Charge Time: 6-8 hours deep charge.  1-2 hours quick charge
Estimated Min Range: 20 Miles
Estimated Max Range: 50 Miles
Display Type: Fixed, LED console



What is your warranty?
BROOKLYNESS, INC. guarantees each new BROOKLYNESS product against defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year.
All original components are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.  For more details please read "Warranty" under terms and conditions.



How do I get my CMYK 5.0 Bike serviced?
You can bring the bike to our shop and we will take care of any service requests.  If it is under warranty we will cover the cost of parts and labor. You can also bring the bike to your regular bike mechanic.
I am outside New York, where can I service my CMYK 5.0 Bike?
If you're outside New York City Metro area, let us know and we will connect you with a service partner in your area. Just send us a note at readytohelp@brooklyness.com
I need new tires for my CMYK 5.0 Bike.  Where do I get them?
We offer replacement tires and inner tubes. Just send an email and will get them to you.


Can I return my product?
Yes!  We offer a 30-day return policy for products purchased through this site and returned in new condition. Final Sale items may not be returned.  Please read "Returns" under terms and conditions for more details.
How long will it take for my return to be processed?
Once we receive and process your return, we will refund the purchase amount to the original form of payment. Please expect about 14 days for processing.
Who should I contact for a return?
Email readytohelp@brooklyness.com and our team will give you all the details you need.
What if my order arrives damaged, or there is a fault?
Our team works hard to make sure this never happens. If you do receive damaged goods or have a manufacturing fault occur, please contact us immediately at readytohelp@brooklyness.com so we can personally assist you and sort out the problem as quickly as possible.
What if I want to exchange my BROOKLYNESS product?
Exchanges are handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us at readytohelp@brooklyness.com


Can I test ride the CMYK 5.0 Bike?
Yes, you can stop by our office anytime, just let us know you're coming.  
If you're not in New York, send a note to readytohelp@brooklyness.com and we will figure out a way for you to test ride one.
Test rides. How does the 30-Day trial work?
We want you to really feel how awesome the CMYK 5.0 Bike is, so we will send you one if you like it you keep it, if not send it back.  Also, you can stop by our office and test one, you may even take it for a few days.  For more details please read "Returns" under terms and conditions.


How much is shipping for the CMYK 5.0 Bike?
If you Stop by and pick it up from our office it is FREE.  Shipping within the continental United States is $99.  We can also arrange for special shipping and handle just email us to readytohelp@brooklyness.com
Do you ship internationally (Bike & Helmet)?
Yes, we do ship the CMYK 5.0 Bike and the Classon Helmet to any destination.
Keep in mind that for the CMYK 5.0 Bike, the battery ships separately for an additional charge. All customs duties and taxes are paid by the recipient. Please contact us for a shipping quote at readytohelp@brooklyness.com.




What certifications does the Classon Helmet have?
The Classon Helmet Complies with CE EN 1078 - CPSC-AS/NZS
How long does the battery last on the Classon Helmet?
Under normal conditions of use, the battery lasts between 2.5-3hrs.
What size does the Classon Helmet come in?
Small / Medium /Large covering head sizes from 54cm to 61cm


Was this helpful? 
Please let us know if something was not clear or if we need to cover more topics, let us know.  readytohelp@brooklyness.com