Sign up Fee + 1 month Subscription - CMYK 5.0 Folding Electric Bike


  • Product Description

      The one-time membership of $499 gets you:
      • Access to rent the CMYK 5.0 Folding Electric Bike at any time for $49 a month
      • Free maintenance at our local partner shops
      • Peace of mind if the bike is stolen
      • Mechanical emergency number if it breaks while riding
      • If at any time you want to own the bike all your monthly payments will count toward the final price
      • Access to a weekly discount offers from our affiliate partners
      • Discounts on insurance
      • Access to the user network.  Know when/where others are riding.  Riding together is safer

      Meet the CMYK 5.0 Folding Electric Bike, which is basically a bike crossed with a Transformer. It’s powered by both pedaling and an internal motor (great for commuting), and the whole thing folds down smaller than any other electric bike out there, kind of like origami, ideal for easy storage. Just lower the seat and handlebars and collapse your ride into something that can easily be tucked away in a closet.  Class 1 pedal-assist function helps you travel without breaking a sweat with low, medium and high assist levels. Battery charges within 2.5 hours for a range of 20-50 miles. Class 1 Pedelec Assist.  250 Watts Motor.  36 volts - 8.7ah Samsung Battery.  Top Speed: 20 mph.

      Please check the FAQs for full specs.