Safety Tips


Riding a scooter, while fun and efficient, can also be dangerous. Follow these tips to minimize the risk of injury both to yourself and others:

Always wear a helmet. Studies show that wearing a helmet can reduce the chance of a serious brain injury by about 70%.

Do not ride under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Ever.

Alcohol and drugs impair your balance and decision making. This is a recipe for disaster when paired with an electric scooter. If you have ridden your scooter somewhere and are now impaired, get a taxi or rideshare and bring your scooter home that way.

This vehicle is for your personal use only.

You’re responsible for any damages to the scooter. Letting a friend borrow it unsupervised could result in them injuring another person or themselves, or damaging the vehicle.

Ride only where it’s allowed. Stick to the bike lane.

The bike lane is designed for traffic moving at the speed an electric scooter moves at. Sidewalks have too many pedestrians moving too unpredictably.

Any issue with the vehicle, report to us immediately.

You could be experiencing a mechanical issue that could result in you or another person being injured. It’s best to get it fixed before anything happens.